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Image Consultation


Do you feel like you are in a style rut and would like to shake things up a little?

Does the thought of experimenting with new trends, styles and colors fill you with dread?


Your personal image consultation* represents the foundation of our collaboration. Akin to a style coaching session, it ensures you are on your way to looking your best. You will discover what truly works for you; your most flattering colors, silhouettes and styles. Think of this as your personalized style toolbox.


You will also learn how to achieve the look you want (fitting your lifestyle, goals and preferences) and be better equipped to make the best fashion choices for yourself.


  • Color analysis

  • Figure analysis and clothing cuts for you

  • Style review and exploration

  • Personalized recap and color fan

Sonya Sanders Image Consultation

Image consultations typically last two and one-half hours.

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