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Do you enjoy shopping but end up buying items you seldom wear and making costly mistakes? Or do you loathe shopping, approach it with heels dug in, or in a state of overwhelm?


Benefit from the art of personal shopping*, where I take the stress out of your experience. Before you arrive, I hand-pick items that will both flatter you and complement your existing wardrobe. This selection is tailored to your individual goals, preferences and budget. The focus is on you, just you!

Together, we evaluate and decide on each piece. You walk out knowing that your purchases flatter you, integrate seamlessly into your wardrobe, and will get worn in many different ways. Goodbye costly mistakes and stressful shopping!

  • Pre-selection of merchandise

  • Shop together

Sonya Sanders Shopping

Personal shopping sessions typically last four hours (which includes one hour of merchandise pre-selection), but amount of time may vary based on each client's specific needs.

Please note that, if this service is booked without an Image Consultation, the session will begin with a color and silhouette assessment.

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