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As a natural people-person, I am fascinated by how each one of us is truly unique. Every individual presents a particular combination of personality, physical attributes, lifestyle, goals and preferences. It is your “uniqueness” that I seek to bring out, so that your style corresponds to you.

My Philosophy

Sonya Sanders, Be Your Best
Sonya Sanders, Uniqueness
Sonya Sanders, Image Matters



So the way we present ourselves has an impact on others, but what about the impact it has on ourselves?

A person’s image is influential. It presents an opportunity to convey our “message:” who we are (a part of our identity) and what we want (our goals).

The question is – how can you make our image work to our benefit?

Have you ever noticed that wearing different clothes or styles makes you feel or act differently?


Feeling good about our image positively influences our self-perception. This, in turn, affects our behavior and contributes to our success.

In other words: look great, feel fabulous and be your best!

A large part of our communication with others is nonverbal – in fact, only 7% of meaning is expressed through the words we speak. The rest is mainly derived from our voice qualities, eye contact, gestures, posture, and appearance.

Image matters... 



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