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Special Occasion Dressing


Do you have an important meeting, presentation or interview in your calendar, and are in doubt about what to wear? Are you looking forward to a special celebration or family occasion, but fretting over how you'll look?


Special occasions are exactly that – special. This means that your outfit will require a little more consideration. Together, we think about the image you would like to project and define your desired lookNext, we step into your wardrobe and explore the options you already have.

I will guide you on finishing your look and advise on on any additional purchases you may require. Approach your special occasion with confidence, knowing that you'll present the best version of yourself.

  • Strategy session

  • Explore current wardrobe options

  • Shopping suggestions for accompanying pieces / accessories

Sonya Sanders Special Occasion Dressing

* Special occasion dressing sessions typically last three hours, but amount of time may vary based on each client's specific needs.

Please note that, if this service is booked without an Image Consultation, the session will begin with a color and silhouette assessment.

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