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Sonya Sanders, Haute Couture
Sonya Sanders, London Style
Sonya Sanders French Rivera
Sonya Sanders, New York

My Background

Becoming an Image Consultant was a natural progression for me. I feel privileged to be able to support and empower others through my experience, education and people-oriented personality. 

My grandmother was a dressmaker in the Haute Couture in Paris before setting up her own boutique of  custom-made  designs.  She taught  me the  importance  of 

by its bold and vibrant fashion scene -- this led me to further experiment with mixing styles. As an adult, I worked at Parfums Christian Dior in London, where I thrived on an ever-evolving industry, and the potential for creative self-expression.

In 2013, I decided to combine my skills, love of fashion and outgoing personality. I trained as an Image Consultant at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and increased my knowledge by studying privately with  renowned Image Consultant and Coach Carol Davidson, and at the Image Resource Center of New York

I hold an MSc in International Business (thesis: "Fashion, Consumption and Social Identity") from the University of London, a degree in Applied Languages from the University of Nice (France), and am a Master Practitioner in NLP (a coaching method).

Sonya Sanders, Image Consultan

While   growing   up,  I    regularly visited London, and was truly inspired

I have resided in cities where fashion is lived, not just worn. I grew up on the French Riviera in the South of France, where visual aesthetics  and presentation are part of everyday life.

clothing cut and fit, and the versatility of fabric. I learned early on that the art of combining our garments, accessories and color is the essence of personal style.

My  husband  and later  moved  to  Manhattan and  now  reside  in Scarsdale with our two beautiful daughters. I  am moved   by

the vibe, diversity and effervescence of New York, and how it translates into different styles.

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